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Interested in Joining?


We are looking for organizations in the social innovation space that are interested in supporting these social initiatives. You can be part of the Social Mentor Network by joining discussion groups or being available as an expert for specific Q& A sessions. Some contributors in the network include:

  • University of Waterloo Greenhouse Incubator
  • Greenbelt Fund
  • Purpose Capital
  • Neighbourhood Arts Toronto


We can help support your grant recipients too! Foundations can work with the Social Mentor Network to provide mentor support for their own social innovators and grant recipients.

How it works?

The Social Mentor Network is designed to be easily accessed by all foundations and funders. Each of your initiatives can have access to the mentor(s) for the entire duration of their granting with you.
A foundation is responsible for the following:

  • Vetting which of your grant recipients will join the Social Mentor Network
  • Including a covenant within the granting paperwork that requires grant recipients to have a mentor
  • Providing the Community Manager’s name & contact information to the grant recipient
  • The cost is $360/year to manage the mentor/mentee matching, the mentee training, and the social enterprise webinar series

The Social Mentor Network then:

  • Has an introductory interview to get to know the mentee
  • Highlights 2-3 mentors who might be a good fit with them from the network
  • Follows up to ensure that they have selected a mentor
  • Ensures that 12 hours of mentorship have occurred over a 6 month period
  • Provides the evaluation of the mentorship relationship back to the foundation or funding partner
  • In addition the Social Mentor Network provides the recruitment, retention, training, and recognition of the Social Mentors