The Social Mentor Network is an online resource that will:

  • Match you with a mentor specific to your cause
  • Keep track of your meetings & document your milestones
  • Connect with experts in the network when needed
  • Connect you with other social innovators with similar projects or passions
  • Inform you about other social initiatives across the country

How It Does It Work?

Step 1: Contact the Community Manager

The Community Manager is here to help the Social Mentor Network grow and for people to connect.  Specifically, they will interview all members of the Social Mentor Network to facilitate the matching process. They will continue to provide ongoing support to the network and help facilitate communication.

Once you are in contact with the Community Manager, you will be sent invited to join the Social Mentor Network’s online platform.

Step 2: Join the Social Mentor Network

The system uses your LinkedIn profile to connect you to the Social Mentor Network.  If you already have a LinkedIn account, your registration will take 3 minutes.  If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, register for one.

Once your account has been registered, you can create your profile and explore the platform.

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Step 3: Mentee training

Mentee training helps you get the most out of your mentor relationship.  It provides:

  • An introduction to the Social Mentor Network
  • Advice on how to get the most out of being a mentee

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Step 4: Interview with Community Manager

Once you’ve completed the mentee training, you’ll reconnect with the Community Manager to determine the type of mentorship you require. Consider:

Where are the strengths and weaknesses in your team?
Do you need assistance with a specific part of your initiative?
Is there a critical area of your initiative that requires more expertise?
Do you need someone in a specific geographical location? With a particular language or cultural understanding?
Should they have expertise in marketing?  Project management?  Finance? Strategy? Technology? Other?

Step 5: Mentor Search

The Community Manager will suggest 2 to 3 mentors who are the best fit with your goals. You will set up a time to speak with each of them (face to face or by phone) to help determine the best mentor for your initiative.

Step 6: Mentor Selection

Once you have been matched with a mentor, the mentorship agreement will be for a 6 month relationship with a minimum of 12 hours of interaction.  Resources are available to help through all stages of the mentoring relationship.