Our community manager is responsible for getting the network up and running.  He will be able to get you on board as a mentor or mentee, as well as answer any questions you may have.

Joshua Fernandes –


The Social Mentor Network is the brainchild of the EDGE Network within The United Church of Canada and The Presbyterian Church in Canada.  What sparked the idea?

  • Through the Social Innovation Challenge, the United Church of Canada Foundation, and the Presbyterian Church in Canada Foundation, there are $100,000s of grants given to non profits
  • There is a lack of business support in the non profit sector
  • It has been proven that the mentor model demonstrates an 80% increase in success
  • There are a growing number of retired professionals and individuals within the church networks that would be interested in supporting social innovators – they just haven’t been given the opportunity!

Thus, a network was created!

Mentor_Network_LogoSmall-12The online platform will leverage the best technologies to break down geographic barriers and build connections across the sector.  We’ve designed it with everyone in mind, including the rural communities that may feel a lack of support for their local initiatives.  We are supported by the Mentor Network, which helps to sponsor our online platform.

We’re always expanding. Today we have 25 social initiatives currently being supported and we know there are many more waiting for this type of platform.  There are social ideas springing up on Calgary, Fredericton, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Saskatchewan, St John’s, Toronto, Waterloo, Winnipeg, Vancouver Island and places in between.  Together all of these initiatives will be stronger.


The Round the Table Blog featured the Social Mentor Network in December 2016.