Social Mentor Network

Connecting social innovators with industry experts​

An initiative’s financial sustainability increases by 80% when they have a mentor’s support

Our mentors work closely with social innovators to develop, implement and evaluate ideas that are making a difference in the world. Working together, these initiatives will be able to efficiently reach their goals.

The Social Mentor Network is the brainchild of the EDGE Network, the United Church of Canada and the Presbyterian Church in Canada. It matches social innovators and mentors together in an effort to increase the success rates of local, regional and national initiatives within the United Church of Canada and Presbyterian Church in Canada’s networks.

The Social Mentor Network is a network that:

  • Connects mentors with social innovator mentees based on each other’s specialties or organizational information
  • Enables social initiatives across the country to leverage each other’s skills and best practices through connections or group forums.
  • Encourages mentors to become engaged in the social.
  • Supports foundations by providing ongoing support to their funded initiatives.
  • Increases the visibility of social initiatives across Canada.

*The Social Mentor Network is growing by invitation only. 

Social Mentor Network Promo

Connect across the country
Experts who want to share their knowledge
No matter what stage 

With mentors across Canada and connected online, you’ll be able to connect with experts who understand your unique context.

Mentors understand the business side of things, and will help you integrate that into the spiritual and social aspects of your ministry.

It’s not just at the beginning that a ministry will benefit from connecting with a mentor. Whether new or established, a mentor can help.

 The Social Mentor Network will invite the following innovators to participate as mentees:

  • Professionals who want to give back
  • Retirees who are open to something new
  • Recent graduates who want  work experience
  • Individuals who want to change career paths or re-enter the job market